February 16, 2021

Native Italy in NJ

"The art of fine dining and exquisite service are perfected at IL Monello because of it's conspicuous dedication to preserving and protecting its Italian culture. When one enters a restaurant in native Italy, you are greeted with a spirit of welcome, compassion, and service while simultaneously consuming memorable, delicious, and impeccable food. The food in native Italy, as most experience, is exceptional in comparison to American restaurants, let alone Italian restaurants in the states. However, IL Monello has been the unforeseeable exception in our first time at this restaurant. IL Monello, in my humble yet correct opinion, meets and exceeds the thresholds of the fine dining experience one would get in native Italy. IL Monello has been beyond comparison to any Italian restaurant in the state of New Jersey, and should only be categorically considered with the restaurants run in Italy itself. To that end, it's main chef, Martino Asagjeka, should receive much credit for his work done here since 1988, his compassion to his guests, and commitment to fine dining."
February 15, 2021

"The kindest people and best service! The food was so delicious and well made, will definitely be coming again :))"
February 6, 2021

"What a great place to have a date night! From the eggplant appetizer to the after-dinner shots, 5 star service all the way through! Chicken Milanese and Linguine Il Monello were top notch and delicious. We also loved that we weren’t rushed through our meal and chased out the door, we were able to take our time eating and conversing. We will definitely be back soon and will recommend this restaurant to our friends and family!"
February 2, 2021


"We had an amazing meal. Very family oriented and made us feel special. Everything we ate was delicious. We will be coming back back for many years to come. "
January 8, 2021

"Family dinner, excellent service and delicious food"
IL Monello